Design and Composition

I am trying to gain some insight into the science and art of photography by reading books about design, composition and the scientific basis of photography .. as well as looking at works of famous photographers

I, like most people, concentrate on gear and technical matters .. all of which take but not make pictures unfortunately .. It is important to understand and master the instruments .. but the instruments will not play music without the player first learning it ..

Another analogy for not learning how to make good photos is like concentrating on brushes, canvas and colours without learning how to actually draw .. thinking that knowing how to dip the brush onto a colour palette and moving it across the canvas will produce a painting .. far from it unfortunately ..

After many thousand shots over several years I know better now ..

I know that I could have done better if I did not let my brain get tangled by matters to do with lenses and cameras .. I learnt a lot about gear .. but not about photography .. which really involves sensing, appreciating, thinking, making and then sharing pictures ..

I now appreciate that the design of a photo is extremely important .. You may have a well composed photo which doesn’t say anything .. just pleasing to the eyes .. but it would be a strong photo if it also tells a story .. you can’t however have a good photo without good gear, technique, and composition however how compelling the story was ..


One thought on “Design and Composition

  1. True…. I think that’s probably part of my problem. I take pictures of place & things I am attracted to, but usually my husband won’t stop the car so it’s from a moving car…LOL. I obviously don’t worry about technique yet…. but I also don’t worry about all the cool ins and outs of the camera when I take a raw picture. (meaning plain and not manipulated)

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