How to use a Tripod

This may sound daft .. everybody knows how to use a tripod of course ..

What I meant was how to really get yourself to use a tripod in practice ..

I have 3 tripods and a monopod .. they have different heads, although I am more into ball-socket heads these days ..

My problem was not using them indoors but carrying them about in travel

I therefore decided to go for a travel tripod of good make that is lightweight and carries up to 2-3kg of gear .. and believe me there are a few out there .. plus buy a new gear bag with a tripod attachment

When I came across the Cullmann Nanomax 230 T with CB 6.1 I thought it will probably be a small useless tripod, but decided after reading its reviews to try it out.

I was in for a real surprise .. here was a very sturdy travel tripod .. very modern look and build .. carried my Nikon D7000 + 18-300mm VR lens easily .. Max height 103cm, Min height 23cm , most important – Packed dimension 30cm, Height with central column down 85cm, Max. tripod leg 20mm, Carrying capacity 3kg, Weight 790 g. Very versatile legs, head and central column and many accessories available. I would have given it 5 stars if it came with the Cullmann Cross Ballhead CB7.3 with CX440 (quick release base) which I bought separately and which is a must for this tripod unless you are prepared to keep screwing and unscrewing the tripod from the camera using the standard CB 6.1 head.

I also bought the Lowepro Pro Runner 300AW Photo Backpack that has a tripod attachement ..

So now I have a tripod that I actually use !


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