Auto fine tune focus on Nikon D850

Important for Nikon D850, D500, D7500 and D5 users

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Yesterday I did Auto AF fine tune for the two main lenses .. 24-70mm and 70-200 +/- TC 14E III on Nikon D850.

 It took me a good 2 hours

I had to buy a collar for the 70-200 f4 to put on tripod safely ..

I did each lens, at each focal end, 10 times. I then averaged the value for the lens .. while keeping the values for each end saved on my mobile, in case I want to use at one end or the other exclusively in a critical shoot ..  I had to do the 70-200 with and without the extender ..

 The reason for doing 10 times each one is that the process is so critical .. even pressing the button on the camera makes a very fine vibration, that affects the value significantly .. I think Nikon have to change the process…

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Lightroom Virtual Copies

Virtual copies are pivotal in saving same photo with different processing, without physically occupying disk space or duplicating files, in Adobe Lightroom.

One problem with the application is that the virtual copy data is only saved in the Lightroom catalogue. So if for any reason the catalogue is lost, there is no way to restore the virtual copies.

On the other hand, xmp sidecar files can be used to save the master file metadata and processing, so if the catalogue is lost the data can be restored, apart from the editing history.

One way to save the virtual copy data is to create a snapshot once the virtual copy editing is finished. This will automatically save the same snapshot in the master file, which in the event of catalogue loss can be used to generate a new virtual copy. This method of course requires a manual restoration of the virtual copies, which may be near impossible in one go in a large catalogue of many thousand photos, but at least saves the data to be used when required.